Revolution is Not Needed in Papua

Revolution is Not Needed in Papua

Do not be easily provoked by the words of the revolution and the unity of Papuan youth. Do not also then just believe without seeing the truth. Because they (Papuan armed separatist groups) will do anything to destroy our unity.

There are a lot of invitations circulating on social media or verbally which speak of the independent Papua movement with provocation narratives about freedom of opinion and self-determination for Papuans.

These independent Papuan movement groups deliberately target young people both in Papua and those outside Papua, the aim of which is to find or recruit members who can be used as weapons for their revolutionary activities against Indonesian sovereignty.

They (Papuan separatist groups) know that they are weak and helpless without youth and students. They tried to convince young people and students to join with them to carry out a revolution. Because they believe that Papua can stand alone without Indonesia.

Papua does not need an independence revolution, because Papua is already independent with Indonesia, what is needed in Papua right now is an educational revolution and perspective. So that Papuans are not easily provoked and have a wide view in the future.

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