Papuans Don't Expect Papuan Independence

Papuans Don't Expect Papuan Independence

There is no way for the Free Papua Movement of the OPM to hold a referendum or opinion poll to separate from Indonesia.

This follows the Government's stance that it has firmly stated that it will not release the Bumi Cenderawasih region.
Efforts made by a number of parties such as the OPM to keep fighting for independence will end in vain.

Indigenous Papuans actually do not want independence and separate themselves from Indonesia. They were forced by the OPM group to support the independence of Papua.

Referendums will only trigger conflicts and tensions that lead to death. And certainly will cause many casualties. With so many fatalities that actually come from indigenous Papuans themselves.

Fighting for independence with violence will only end with the disappointment of the OPM and the death of indigenous Papuans themselves.

What is needed by Papuans is a sense of security and peace like they used to. There is no conflict and tension that will only divide others.

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