Hell, the Tapol data is indeed rubbish

Hell, the Tapol data is indeed rubbish

The Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs (Menko Polhukam) Mahfud MD was very surprised at receiving and seeing the precious data regarding political prisoners and civilian victims who died in Nduga.

After seeing it, Mahfud considered the documents given by the BEM Universitas Indonesia (UI) regarding the list of names of 57 political prisoners and 243 civilian deaths in Nduga, to be extraordinary. Unclear and incomplete !, only two sheets of paper contain a list of names, and no supporting data reinforces the data.

"That is nothing, the documents are only you know. Try this close up, this is only you know, just like this," Mahfud said while showing the document sheet after attending the discussion forum at the Bidakara Hotel, South Jakarta, Monday (Monday (Monday). 2/17/2020).

Mahfud said that the list only contained the names of people who were not clear, he was sure that the police also had such data, Mahfud considered that the document was like a sketch of a list of names, not reinforced with identity complement. but Mahfud still considers the data as new information.

"Nothing, nothing more than this, is this rubbish, not really, it will be learned later. Just you have to know, only this is tipped on the UI," explained Mahfud.

Chairman of BEM UI Fajar Adi Nugroho proudly and confidently said the report was the same as that submitted by Veronica Koman and a number of other activists to President Joko Widodo recently.

"We submit the same documents plus a review of some problematic legislation products and must be approved immediately," Fajar said when confirmed.

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