Form of TNI's Concern to the People of Rotea Papua Indonesia

Form of TNI's Concern to the People of Rotea Papua Indonesia

As a form of TNI concern, the Task Force Infantry Battalion (Task Force Battalion) 754 / ENK / 20/3 Kostrad carried out free medical services and medical services to the community in Rotea Village, Bonggo District, Sarmi Regency, Papua Indonesia.

Dansatgas Yonif 754 / ENK / 20/3 Kostrad Kostrad Inf Dodi Nur Hidayat said that the Task Force not only provided health services to the people of Rotea Village but also provided nutritious food to the elderly and children in the village.

In addition, the personnel of the Battalion Task Force 754 / ENK / 20/3 Kostrad also gave lessons on using laptops to the children of Rotea Village.

According to Lieutenant Colonel Dodi Nur Hidayat, this is a concern from the Task Force Infantry Battalion 754 / ENK / 20/3 Kostrad to improve public health and also efforts to introduce to children how to use laptops.

"We (Satgas) feel the need to participate in improving the standard of living of the community in the health sector and we hope that the community can always live a healthy life," he concluded.

The activity, which was led by Serka Mislan as Danpos Bonggo in collaboration with Bonggo Puskesmas health workers, received positive appreciation from the people of Kampung Rotea.

Emperor Siaro (47 years old), a resident of Kampung Rotea said, "I personally thank the task force for wanting to help teach our children how to use a laptop and already want to help provide health services to the community," he said.

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