Don't Be Afraid of the KKB Threat

Don't Be Afraid of the KKB Threat

KKB armed criminal groups threaten and will kill anyone who carries out development activities in Papua. The people of Papua need not fear the KKB threat, because they are safe with the TNI.

The XVII / Cenderawasih Kodam ranks appeal to all communities in the Nduga Regency, Papua and surrounding areas not to be afraid of facing the threat of the Armed Criminal Group (KKB) recently.

There is no justification for any group or organization within the territory of the Unitary Republic of Indonesia (NKRI) that poses threats to citizens.

The TNI will be at the forefront to face any threats that endanger the lives of the people, including in the Papua region.

"We respond to such threats or terrorism by being vigilant but not needing to be overly afraid. Because the psychological terror they carry out is to cause unrest and fear among the people," said Colonel Aidi.

He asked residents in Nduga Regency to activate self-help security and actively coordinate with the nearest security apparatus while on the move.

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