Commander of the XVII Military Commander To TNI Army Soldiers

Commander of the XVII Military Commander To TNI Army Soldiers

Cenderawasih Military Commander XVII, Maj. Gen. Herman Asaribab officially inaugurated 456 students from the 2020 Budget Overload at the Cenderawasih Rindam Field, Papua, Indonesia Saturday (22/02). Also present at the event were the XVII / Cenderawasih Kasdam, the Commander of the Military Commander Staff, the Assistant of the Military Commander, the XVII Kabalakdam / Cenderawasih along with the accompanying wife, as well as several Papuan Regional Police officials.

Pangend XVII Cenderawasih said that the aim of the new education was to form a Candidate for Bintara to become an Army Navy with an attitude and behavior as a Sapta Marga warrior and an Oath of Warriors, possessing basic knowledge and skills of Bintara class soldierry and excellent physical condition.

Basic education will still be developed further with further education and branch education. Therefore, the Military Commander hopes that the newly appointed soldiers will not dissolve and become complacent with what you have achieved, but today's success is the basic capital to carry out education to the next stage, which is not inferior to the education just taken .

"For that, you must always learn and practice and cultivate an unyielding attitude and instill confidence in yourself as a true warrior. remember, the service you have chosen as an Army soldier is both an honor and a pride, because to serve as a TNI soldier cannot be achieved by anyone "he stressed.

"Only selected young people who have fulfilled various requirements and pursued a disciplined, hard and directed military education are able to carry out their duties as soldiers of the Army. but your success in becoming a TNI soldier should not make you arrogant and forget yourself, precisely with your status as TNI soldiers. you are demanded to be closer to the people who care about people's difficulties and are always ready to help the people's difficulties, "continued the Military Commander.

The Commander also gave some emphasis at the end of his mandate, so that the soldiers would always maintain and increase their faith and devotion to God, always innovate and develop initiatives in every activity and face all problems with strong confidence, increase enthusiasm, motivation, discipline, korsa soul and determination to be a professional soldier.

So that later the Army will be more reliable and solid, take care of and maintain health, knowledge and skills as well as the excellent physical abilities that you already have to face a heavier further education. Prioritize the safety and security factors wherever they are, and become the Knights of the People's Protector Warriors who are always proud, coveted and loved by the people in dedicating themselves to the nation and the State.

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