Adam Bandt Steals Chance and Attention

Adam Bandt Steals Chance and Attention

Adam Bandt is a member of parliament and Chairman of the Australian Greens who met President Joko WIdodo (Jokowi) during a speech before Australian lawmakers during his working visit to the State of Kangaroo on Monday (02/10/2020).

A lot of news circulated after President Jokowi's visit to Australia, some said that Jokowi felt awkward when meeting Adam Bandt, there were also those who sneered at Jokowi when he shook hands with the politician who openly supported the independent Papua.

Regarding the incident, President Jokowi did not feel humiliated in Australia, he took it easy, instead those present at the forum were supposed to be ashamed, because Jokowi had several times insinuated Australia. His name is also politics, only those who understand understand it.

When he shook hands with Adam Bandt at a parliamentary meeting in Australia it was normal and did not need to be taken seriously. Regarding the Papua issue, Adam Bandt has no right to intervene in Indonesia, because Bandt is nobody and does not understand the current situation in Papua Indonesia, and we all know that Bandt only seeks attention.

We all know, by using the Morning Star flag pin, Adam Bandt stole the opportunity to shake hands with President Jokowi when he was going to address the Australian MPs, Bandt's actions were nothing but to steal the world's attention and create chaos over the issue of Papua Indonesia, and all of that was proven occur.

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