127 Papuan Youth Can Enter Police through the Affirmation Line

127 Papuan Youth Can Enter Police through the Affirmation Line

The Head of Papua Police Public Relations, Senior Commissioner Ahmad Mustofa Kamal, said that in the 2020 budget year, the Papua Regional Police had opened the reception of prospective non-commissioned officers for the native Papuans in the noken police program.

"From January to February the number of native Papuans who registered has reached 2,750 special registrants of native Papuan children. Online registration or online," he said.

Kombes Kamal said that this year, the Police non-commissioned officer specifically prioritized police reception for native Papuan children. A police quota for native Papuans was 127 people in the Noken police commissioner program this year.

"This quota has been determined from the National Police Headquarters for the Papua Regional Police this year, while for the rest of the West Papua Regional Police as many as 123 people specifically Papuan children," he said.

Participants who will pass the selection of non-commissioned police officers in the Papua Regional Police will start attending education in July, while in two months namely April and May, mental mentoring will be given to prospective National Police Bintara before attending education at the Jayapura National Civil Service Office.

He hoped the test takers could utilize this momentum well, and not damage the body with all kinds of activities that could harm themselves, such as alcoholism, drugs, and early marriage, and others.

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