TNPPB Returns to Make TNI Hoaks Use Rockets

TNPPB Returns to Make TNI Hoaks Use Rockets

Spokesperson of the West Papua National Liberation Army / Free Papua Organization (TNPPB / OPM), Sebby Sambom said two of its members were killed because they were attacked by rockets or ballistic missiles by the TNI. "It was not shot. It was a ballistic missile rocket when it was in Kimbely Village," Sebby said.

Sebby said he would bring this issue into the realm of human rights violations at the international level. According to Sebby, in addition to its members, ballistic missiles also hurt the public. "We will file international human rights violations because ballistic missiles were shot from a distance of 3 km in the villages. There are people who were hit," said Sebby.

Disputing TNPPB spokesman Sebby Sambom's statement that the TNI used rockets or missiles in dispelling the OPM, Kapendam XVII Cendrawasih, Infantry Colonel Muhammad Aidi immediately denied it, he said, the TNI used mortars.

"As the Military Commander said, we used mortars to frighten OPM TNP. Not missiles," Aidi said.

The use of mortars by the TNI is one of the tactics to make the National Army for the Liberation of West Papua (TNPPB) retreat and leave the village area being held hostage so that TNI troops can enter the village area to be able to save the residents.

"That is our tactic so that they are in a mess, run away. At that time our troops had a chance to enter Kimbely Village," added Aidi.

On the same occasion, Aidi also explained that two suspected bodies of the TNPPB / OPM group found in the forest suffered gunshot wounds to the stomach. "There was a gunshot wound in the stomach," he continued, said Aidi, there were no civilian injuries. TNI-Polri have evacuated the residents of TNPPB / OPM hostage victims safely.

"He said there were residents injured but in fact none of the approximately 1,300 residents were injured during the rescue operation," said Aidi.

Aidi said if TNPPB / OPM wanted to open war with the TNI-Polri apparatus, do not involve the community. "Determine where the zone is, don't involve the community, don't make the community shield," added Aidi.

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