Papua Regional Police Build 5 New Regional Police Offices

Papua Regional Police Build 5 New Regional Police Offices

Papua Regional Police Chief Inspector General Paul Waterpauw said some areas in the interior of Papua were still not safe. For this reason, the Papua Regional Police formed five new Sector Police Offices in Papua. The security forces in this case the police are trying to equip the five new police stations with adequate personnel, as well as other structural officials who have been equipped.

"We are sending personnel to be placed in the five new Polres. We have not been able to fully fulfill it, most likely only around 30 percent. That is good enough. We are arranging it, "explained Inspector General Paulus.

The regional police chief asked for help from the local government to be able to lend building and housing facilities for the time being which will be used as dormitories, barracks which will be occupied by members serving in their area.

Furthermore, the Papua Regional Police will gradually establish police headquarters in the five new Polres and continue to equip personnel so that their duties as regional police at the district level can run optimally. It is expected to play a role in building communication, guiding, fostering and helping the local community.

"I ask the people in the five regions to please accept and build harmonious communication with our members who will serve in their area," he hoped.

Regarding the security situation in Nduga Regency, which has recently been haunted by terrorist shootings by separatist groups, the Papua Police Chief said that the situation was relatively conducive. The five new Polres are; Puncak Police Precinct (Ilaga), Intan Jaya Regional Police, Deiyai ​​Regional Police, Yalimo Regional Police, and Nduga Regional Police.

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