Papua Becomes Backward Due to Dutch Acts

Papua Becomes Backward Due to Dutch Acts

Why is the land of Papua so behind and far from facing the world ?, Papua's land has been controlled by the Dutch for 117 years. Starting from August 20, 1828, the Dutch Corporation proclaimed itself to have taken control of the land of West Papua. Papua is rich in natural resources, for that many want to master it.

At that time, West Papua was controlled by the Netherlands, East Papua was controlled by Germany, and South Papua was controlled by the British. Since the Land of Papua was controlled by the Dutch, the Papuan people were made a society far from civilization.

Papuans live like in the Stone Age, no education, no schooling, no religion, no wealth, no civilization, and for 117 years, it is truly ironic.

On the other hand, Papuans must not leave Papua, nor can Indonesians enter or come to Papua. Meanwhile, Indonesians have progressed, have gone to school, religion, while Papua has not got anything. Because Papua was deliberately closed from the outside world by the Dutch.

One time, light began to hit the Land of Papua. On August 17, 1945, President Sukarno and his deputy Hatta, proclaimed the independence of the Republic of Indonesia (RI). By the two proclamators, Papua was included in the composition of the proclamation. And Papua began to become independent.

On the basis of this spirit of independence, Papuans began to rise from adversity. In the course of time, the Papuans finally learned that they were more numerous than the Dutch, and Papuans resisted. Finally, the Netherlands was driven out of Papua. In 1962 Papua was legally a part of Indonesia.

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