OPM is a Terrorist Organization

OPM is a Terrorist Organization

The definition of terrorism is an act that uses violence or threat of violence that causes widespread terror or fear, causes mass casualties, and / or causes damage or destruction to strategic vital objects, the environment, public facilities or international facilities with ideological motives, politics or security disturbances.

The definition of Article 5 of Law No. 5 of 2018 on Anti-Terrorism, it is already very clearly shows that based on the records and facts that the OPM group is more appropriate to be called a terrorist than a KKB.

The actions of the OPM terrorist group that are very troubling and disturbing the course of development must be dealt with comprehensively. The government must carry out canalization where Papuans who support the Republic of Indonesia to be invited to contribute actively in development.

Canalization is needed so that the OPM terrorist group does not blend in with the community. If this happens then the OPM group can carry out various manipulations including trapping the security forces and confronting human rights issues.

If the OPM terrorist group always and continuously carry out armed actions and take refuge in extreme terrain, then the final choice is for the state to take decisive action by placing the TNI at the forefront.

This choice is very appropriate to be taken, considering the terrorist acts carried out by the OPM have been quite troubling. Action by the TNI to eradicate OPM certainly synergizes with the National Police especially if law enforcement is needed.

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