Minister of Home Affairs Maps Potential 2020 Pilkada Conflict in Papua

Minister of Home Affairs Maps Potential 2020 Pilkada Conflict in Papua

Interior Minister Tito Karnavian took Bawaslu and security forces to prevent potential conflicts during the election process in West Papua.

"For the problem of vulnerable areas, Papuan issues were specifically asked. That is vulnerable areas, we will certainly do an analysis, both by the security forces, the Ministry of Home Affairs, and Bawaslu to identify vulnerable areas," Tito said at the KPU office, Jalan Imam Bonjol, Central Jakarta, Thursday (1/23/2020).

Papua has always been a vulnerable area during elections, there are two factors causing the vulnerability. First is the noken system and the number of voters. The second potential hazard is attacks from armed criminal groups.

"Papua has always been one of the regions in which elections are always considered vulnerable. There are two vulnerabilities that we oversee. First, the potential for conflict is mainly due to the noken system problems in the mountains, the problem of the number of voters, and others," Tito explained.

To overcome the problem of the number of voters, Tito said, it is necessary to increase the procurement of electronic ID cards and population census. In addition, the government seeks to mediate with parties who have the potential to cause conflict.

"This is tricked this way, encouraging e-KTPs, censuses, and so on to be applied in the mountains. Now it is already underway. Then secondly, mediations between parties that may have the potential for conflict," he said.

The second is the potential for security disturbances from armed groups. Tito said he would strengthen the intelligence activities and approaches to these groups as well as security law enforcement operations. If necessary increase the number of members of the security forces.

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