Mimika Has the First Command Center in Papua

Mimika Has the First Command Center in Papua

Lintasarta supports the Mimika district government (Pemkab), Papua Province, in the construction of the Mimika Command Center (MCC) which is the first command center in Papua. MMC was built to help the development of the capital city of Mimika Regency, Timika, Papua.

"Full support given by Lintasarta shows consistency in supporting government programs in implementing smart cities in the country," said General Manager of Lintasarta's Corporate Secretary, Ade Kurniawan, in his press statement, in Jakarta, Friday (1/3/2020).

Ade said, besides the command center, there were 10 closed circuit television (CCTV) units installed at 10 traffic light points and 2 CCTV units at the Timika government headquarters connected to the MCC.

In addition, there is also a communication network that connects 34 regional organizations (OPD), video conferencing that is used to communicate with districts to OPD, internet bandwidth rental centered at the Kominfo and MCC data centers, and platforms that can integrate all OPD applications in one screen on MCC.

The Mimika Command Center (MCC), which is integrated with CCTV and all OPD applications, is expected to reduce crime rates and law violations from the central government office to the highway, especially in Timika.

"Lintasarta will continue to be committed to helping the country's development in the field of information and communication technology with a variety of new innovations that can bring Indonesia to be able to compete with neighboring countries and other developing countries," concluded Ade.

The Mimika Command Center launching was also attended by Mimika Deputy Regent Johannes Rettob, Mimika AKBP Era Adhinata Police Chief, Acting Chairperson of Mimika DPRD Iwan Anwar, and Lintasarta Senior Manager of Sulampua Area Baginda PH Simbolon.

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