Looking for Solutions to Resolve Conflict in Papua

Looking for Solutions to Resolve Conflict in Papua

Seeing the unresolved conflict that occurred in Papua, a number of youth leaders in Papua held a discussion to find solutions to resolve the problem.

Present at the discussion were 16 speakers including Papua Governor Lukas Enembe, Governor of West Papua Dominggus Mandacan, Commander of the XVII Cenderawasih Maj. Gen. Herman Asaribab, Papua Regional Police Chief, Inspector General of Police, Drs. Paulus Waterpau and Chairperson of Papua MRP, Chairperson of West Papua MRP.

On that occasion, Papua Youth Leaders Samuel Tabuni said, this discussion was held in response to various humanitarian conflicts that occurred in Papua.

In addition to discussing humanitarian conflict, this discussion also discussed the clarity of the draft special autonomy law which entered the Prolegnas (national legislation program) 2020 stage.

"This event was held to find solutions to resolve the Papua conflict in a comprehensive and dignified manner. I myself am from Nduga, and I am voicing my ethnic groups everywhere because they are from a part of my life, "Samuel Tabuni said.

Meanwhile, Assistant I Secretary of Papua Province, Doren Wakerwa welcomed the discussion. According to him, the problem that occurred in Papua was not the first time this had happened. as regional head in the province of Papua who asked the people of Papua to solve all problems well.

"The problem does not arise now, but since the integration was born there have been problems in this Papua Province, solve the problem putting forward affection and heart, because with the heart all the problems on the land of Papua can be resolved properly," said Assistant I Secretary of Regional Secretary Doren Wakerwa.

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