KKSB Again Attacks the Security Apparatus in Nduga

KKSB Again Attacks the Security Apparatus in Nduga

The shootout between Brimob members and the armed separatist criminal group (KKSB) in Nduga, Papua resumed, a shootout occurred during the service event of the perpetrators of the attack allegedly led by Egianus Kogoya's group.

The attack on Brimob in Nduga occurred on Saturday, January 11, 2020, which resulted in Bharatu Luki, a member of the Maluku Regional Police Mobile Brigade, who suffered a gunshot wound to the thigh. Meanwhile, for medical treatment, victims will be referred to the Kramat Jati Police Hospital, Jakarta.

Papua Regional Police Chief Inspector General Paul Waterpauw when asked for confirmation said that the KKSB group attacked Brimob members while carrying out community service, the Kapolda requested that KKSB immediately surrender, not to sacrifice residents like previous events.

"We will continue to pursue. Egianus should immediately put down weapons. Later if we do the pursuit, then children and women will be their shields. It's a pity for the people to be victims," ​​said Papua Police Chief, Saturday (11/1/2020).

Paulus asked the attackers who estimated that 20 people immediately put down their weapons and returned to the Republic of Indonesia. Paulus hopes local government figures will try to approach the KKSB.

"This has been (year) 2020, the period of wanting only those problems. We all want to move forward. What exactly do they want, so we hope the organization of the country there, traditional leaders, the regent together help us to maintain common security, "said Paul.

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