KKB Terror Threatens Exodus in Papua

KKB Terror Threatens Exodus in Papua

Armed separatist terrorist attacks in a number of areas in Papua threaten an exodus in Papua province. Exodus is leaving the homeland together as happened after the attack by the armed criminal group KKB because of fear of residents.

After the terror that occurred in Wamena, Lanny Jaya and Tolikara, the City of Ilaga was also targeted by terror groups commonly called Armed Criminal Groups (KKB). They seized, persecuted and threatened the people who did not obey him, so that residents were scared and left their hometown.

They have dared to attack the village residents openly. In addition, the terrorists in the guise of separatists also set fire to people's homes, triggering riots and claimed many victims, including death.

We must maintain as much as possible the areas targeted by these separatist groups. The TNI-Polri needs to provide protection to all people in the region to remain calm and entrust all to the TNI-Polri. Because the task of the security forces is to protect citizens from armed separatist attacks.

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