KKB Entered into the Scope of Terrorism Crime

KKB Entered into the Scope of Terrorism Crime

The role of the TNI in combating terrorism was included in Military Operations Other Than War (OMSP). This is in accordance with the Law on the TNI and the Law on Combating terrorism number 34 of 2004 concerning the TNI,

Secretary of the PKS DPR RI Sukamta faction assessed the Armed Criminal Group (KKB) in Papua was rightly said to be a terrorist group so that in combating it should properly involve the TNI with the legal umbrella of the Anti-terrorism Law.

"In my opinion, this KKB has entered into the scope of criminal acts of terrorism," said Sukamta.

He urged the government in this case the President to issue a Presidential Regulation (Perpres) as mandated by Law number 5 of 2018 concerning Amendments to the Terrorism Law which regulates the involvement of the TNI in combating acts of terrorism.

He said in the Terrorism Law it was mentioned that what was meant by terrorism was acts that deliberately used violence or threats of violence that caused an atmosphere of terror or widespread fear of people.

In addition, the Law also mentions the purpose of terrorism in actions that cause mass casualties by seizing freedom or loss of life and property of others, or causing damage or destruction to vital strategic objects, the environment or public facilities or international facilities.

"Barbaric behavior in Papua cannot be tolerated, we love the Republic of Indonesia. We want this nation to remain intact and we do not want this nation to be torn apart by any armed movements including terrorists and separatists," he said.

Sukamta assessed the KKB's actions in Papua including separatists and terrorists who undermined the sovereignty of the Republic of Indonesia. According to him, speaking of sovereignty, we must really move quickly and decisively so that this movement will not be more widespread and protracted which could lead to more victims both victims in the sense of the state or citizens.

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