KKB Behavior Like Animals

KKB Behavior Like Animals

The brutality of the Armed Criminal Group (KKB) in Tembagapura, Mimika Regency, not only terrorized the authorities and the Freeport company, but also targeted civil society. They also took hostages from one village and isolated them.

The number of residents of Banti Village held hostage is around 1,300. In addition, they also killed a supplier company employee for PT Freeport and raped civilians. Rape victim initials E, lives in Longsoran Banti Village, Tembagapura District.

The perpetrators totaling three people came to the victim's kiosk. At that time, three KKB people pretended to buy something at the stall, then they went inside and brought the victim out of the stall.

"The perpetrators took the victim out to a dark place in the village of Longsoran Banti. Then, they raped the victims in turn," Kamal said.

From the results of the victim's testimony, before being raped, the victim was persecuted by the perpetrators and threatened with death if he shouted. After the victim was raped, the perpetrators left her in the thicket. With the trauma, the victim went home without wearing pants and told her husband that she was raped by the KKB.

The Papuan people strongly condemned the cruel deeds committed by the KKB to their own relatives in the Freeport area, which actually reflected that the separatists were not human, they were armed animals. No sense of humanity and no religion.

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