Jayapura Regency opens sago nursery area

Jayapura Regency opens sago nursery area

The Jayapura Regency Regional Government has inaugurated a Sagu nursery spot in the Phaneauw hill, precisely in the Jayapura Regent's office area. A total of 50 sago saplings of 5 species including Bhara, Osokhulu, Rondo, Yebha and Ruruna were developed in the area.

"From this place, when the sago has grown well, the superior seedlings can be planted elsewhere," said Assistant III of the Jayapura Regency Regional Secretariat, Timoteus Demetouw after inaugurating the sago area, Wednesday (1/15/2020).

According to Timoteus, the inaugurated sago nursery area will become a place for sago cultivation that can be disseminated to other places in Jayapura Regency. "Previously in the same place there were already 10 sago groves in the area with 10 sago trees, with an area of ​​150 times 40 square meters," Timoteus added.

According to him, the area of ​​sago forests in the world reaches 5 million hectares, 4 million hectares are in Indonesia and Papua is one of the regions that has the largest sago forest with dozens of species.

"The reason is that the current generation has begun to forget their pkok food, therefore, planting sago from here must continue to be developed throughout the Jayapura district," explained Timoteus.

He hopes that the relevant agencies and agencies will always run a sago forest protection program, and socialize to all people to really love their staple food, sago.

"Sometimes the government is also very dilemma in determining the direction of policies that protect the rights of the community," he said.

The Director of the WWF Papua Program, Benja Viktor Mambai, said that the actual action of the sago nursery carried out at this time will have a big impact if the commitment is actually implemented.

"Last March flash floods were an extraordinary impact, if we were not committed to preserving nature with its balance," Mambay said. (*)

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