Exodus Students Who are Inedible on Racial Issues Return to City of Study

Exodus Students Who are Inedible on Racial Issues Return to City of Study

Departing from Mozes Kilangin Airport in Timika using Sriwijaya Air, as many as 45 students from Mimika, Papua, who were incited by racial issues and riots in Surabaya, in August 2019, now returned to the city where they studied in Salatiga, Semarang, Central Java to continue their education.

Senior student from Mimika Joni Jangkup said 45 students had returned to the city of study. Previously, the student returned to Papua due to provoking racial issues and riots by irresponsible parties in August 2019.

After being in Mimika, the students did not get certainty about the fate of their education. They feel cheated by the issue. The senior students then tried to lobby so that they could get funds to send the students back.

"Actually friends have long wanted to return to the city of study, but there is no way to return. The return of these student friends, because of our efforts and efforts to lobby to several parties," Joni told reporters.

It is known that currently there are still around 200 students in Mimika who need attention from the local government, so they can be facilitated to return to the study city. He also hopes that those who have returned to the city of study can study well.

"We hope friends who have not been able to return to the study city to be facilitated," Joni said.

Raymon Nirigi, who is also a senior student, said the parents of dozens of students hoped their children could return to college. The local government and LPMAK have actually formed their respective teams, and visited a number of study cities. However, there is also no certainty when they can return.

"Because there is no certainty, so we as seniors are trying to send our younger siblings back to college," Raymon said.

If Papuan students are not easily provoked by racial issues that occur in Surabaya, maybe they will not be interrupted by their studies, this can be an example for other students, that in every action should be considered in advance the impact that will be caused, so that this incident does not happen again . Because they themselves are the losers.

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