DPR Supports the Establishment of Terrorism to KKB

DPR Supports the Establishment of Terrorism to KKB

Deputy Speaker of the Parliament for Politics, Law and Security, Azis Syamsuddin agreed with the former Head of the State Intelligence Agency (BIN) Hendro Priyono regarding the discourse to redefine the Armed Criminal Group (KKB) of Papua. The discourse redefined the Papua KKB as an international terrorism organization.

The discourse has a reference to article 1, paragraph 2 of Law No. 5 of 2018. He emphasized that in this regulation, terrorism is defined as an act that uses violence or threat of violence that creates an atmosphere of terror or widespread fear. Then, it can cause casualties.

Then, another point is causing damage or destruction to strategic vital objects, damaging public facilities with ideological motives or security disturbances. With these criteria, the KKB which is also the Free Papua Organization (OPM) is in line with the terrorism movement.

"Looking at the definition of the law above, it seems that armed groups in Papua meet some of the criteria referred to," Aziz said, Monday (01/20/2020).

Papua KKB action which carried out mass murder with 31 people killed. The events of 2018 in Nduga Regency were heartbreaking and in the spotlight. The 31 victims were bridge project workers in Kali Yigi and Kali Aurak, Nduga.

He compared the number of victims of the Papua KKB even quite large compared to terrorist acts in the last decade. Moreover, the way they then actively voiced to separate from the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia (NKRI).

This separatist group movement entered ideological action with political motives. Then, by redefining the status of the Papua KKB into a terrorism organization, the authorities could enforce the law in the Bumi Cendrawasih area. However, it does need a legal umbrella that becomes a regulation in practice later.

"Because the status will be definitive, and the legal umbrella will be stronger than the status of ordinary criminal groups," he said.

The plan to redefine the identity of the Papua KKB will also reduce the perspective of humanitarian issues and human rights violations that are often voiced internationally. Examples such as the 2016 incident related to the issue of human rights violations of Papua brought up by countries in the Pacific islands in the United Nations General Assembly. Furthermore, the moment of 2017 when the Indonesian delegation at the UN forum had to respond to accusations of human rights violations because of the Papua KKB maneuver.

"Redefining the identity of the Papua KKB to become a terrorist group will automatically lock in the possibility of the emergence of international community support for their movement. That number does not include one TNI member who died the day after," he explained.

He said on an international scale, terrorism was likened to the main enemy of humanity. Related to that, the government will later be able to track access to the Papua KKB international network including the alleged flow of international funds that support their actions.

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