TNI-Polri Will Be Withdrawn From Papua If KKB Leaders Arrested

TNI-Polri Will Be Withdrawn From Papua If KKB Leaders Arrested

Regarding Deputy Regent Nduga Wentius Nimiangge's request that the TNI and Polri be withdrawn from their territory, the Minister of Home Affairs (Mendagri) Tito Karnavian responded and explained that the withdrawal of the apparatus would be carried out if the armed criminal group (KKB) led by Egianus Kogoya was captured.

"Because no one can guarantee law enforcement. Polri and TNI law enforcement. TNI is there in order to support law enforcement police operations because the terrain is difficult," said Tito Karnavian at Bogor Palace, West Java, Friday (12/27/2019) .

If there is a request to withdraw the security forces, according to Tito no one guarantees security in Nduga. Previously it was known that several times the Nduga local government requested the central government to withdraw the security forces.

According to the Regional Secretary of Nduga Regency Namia Wijangge, many people were traumatized by the tragedy of the separatist movement in 1996. The trauma continues to carry over to the present. So that this problem in a short time would be very difficult to solve.

Tito Karnavian admitted that until now his party had not received an official resignation from the Deputy Regent of Nduga, Wentius Nimiangge. The news circulating, Wentius resigned because there were citizens who were shot dead.

"Until now there has been no letter," said Tito.

Tito said that he would later coordinate with the Papua Regional Police Chief and local parties to contact Wentius. Until now, it is still waiting for Wentius' resignation letter. After that the clarification process will be carried out.

"If the letter is available for resignation, we see the reason is right or not, there is a process," said Tito.

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