TNI Again Proves Its Concern for Papuans

TNI Again Proves Its Concern for Papuans

Task Force Yonif Raider 300 / Bjw along with residents work together to work together to rebuild the house of one of the residents who caught fire.

RI-PNG Satgas Task Force Yonif Raider 300 / Bjw, Workwana Post led by Sertu Encim Apandi, together with residents working together to rebuild their homes in Pir ll Yamta village, Mannem District, Keerom District, on Monday (09/12/2019)

Mr. Marcelus as the neighbor of the victim who saw thick smoke from inside the house, immediately rescued the residents of the house who were already elderly. But the fire still burned a house and its contents.

Sertu Encim Apandi on the sidelines of the activity said that the activity was to increase community solidarity and concern for others.

"We from the Task Force Yonif Raider 300 / Bjw will always provide an understanding of the importance of living in harmony, working together and helping each other. So that citizens will better understand the meaning of togetherness in society. better understand the importance and beauty of mutual cooperation and help each other so that work will feel easy and light, "Said Encim Apandi ..

Mr. La Dedi as Head of Yamta Village said that this activity received a positive response from the citizens of Pir ll and a profound thanks to members of the Task Force Yonif Raider 300 / Bjw who have helped and participated in working together to help ease the burden on its citizens.

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