The Person Again Uses the Situation in Yahukimo

The Person Again Uses the Situation in Yahukimo

A number of stalls of traders in Jalan Gunung, Dekai District, Yahukimo Regency were burned by mobs, after a police officer died before being beaten by residents on Wednesday night (18/12). Regarding this situation, the Papua Police Chief, Inspector General of Police Paulus Waterpauw said there were individuals who tried to take advantage of the situation in Yahukimo District.

"Last night there was a person who burned stalls in Yahukimo, but this morning, Thursday (12/19), the Police Chief had conveyed that the situation was still under control. I think there were people who deliberately took advantage of the situation in Yahukimo," Paulus said, Thursday (19 / 12).

After leading the 2019 Matoa Candle Opersion troops at Kotaraja Brimob Square, Jayapura City, Paulus said he would send a unit of investigative team to Yahukimo District to help uncover the main perpetrators who provoked the commotion and burned the stalls of traders in Dekai District, Yahukimo District. .

"In principle, whoever is responsible is responsible for this. This is a state of law. Our first priority is to evacuate victims of police (Brimob Riau Police) who have died to be escorted to their hometown in Riau," he said.

The incident at Yahukimo was a deep sorrow, because it was very unexpected and yesterday's incident was not a mobilization or deliberately made in such a way. There is only someone who urinates improperly and is reprimanded. Only the way of reprimanding was too hard, so the person concerned was angry and invited his brothers to develop into a fight to arson.

Paulus also said that Riau Police Mobile Brigade members who were victims of mass tantrums were at the ATM. But when they were about to be confronted again the masses were persecuted to death. "This is very regrettable. The mass is estimated that around 30 people are in an emotional state," he said.

To calm the situation in Yahukimo, he had assigned the Papua Regional Police Chief of Police who was a former Yahukimo police chief to coordinate with the commander to help talk with the community.

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