The implementation of Papera has been confirmed by the UN General Assembly

The Determination of People's Opinion (Pepera) in 1969 marked a new history in western Papua. The referendum was conducted to determine whether West Irian was willing to join the Republic of Indonesia or be independent. West Papua has indeed become part of the Republic of Indonesia.

However, a group of people wanted the Papuan People's Opinion (Papera) which had been carried out on Papua in 1969 to be canceled. The reason is because the system implemented deviates from the agreement between Indonesia and the Netherlands in 1962. Based on the agreement the act of free cohice is done on the basis of one man one vote, not a representative system. Therefore they want the referendum to be repeated.


"It must be understood that in the perspective of international law there is no precedent where the resolution of the UN General Assembly was canceled," said University of Indonesia Professor Prof. Hikmahanto Juwana.

Even if the provisions of the UN Charter or the Statute of the International Court of Justice are examined, there is no mechanism governing the testing of legal products issued by organs within the United Nations, including General Assembly resolutions.

The official UN report, Annex1 Paragraph 189-200, states, on July 14, 1969, the Act began with 175 members of the deliberative assembly for Merauke. On this occasion, a large group of Indonesian soldiers and representatives of Papuans were also present in the Act, the results of the Act indicated that Irian wanted join Indonesia.

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