Target of the Papuan separatist Movement Group

Target of the Papuan separatist Movement Group

Until now, the internationalization of colonialism in Papua is still being carried out by activists and supporters of West Papua independence such as the United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP) led by Benny Wenda and the West Papua National Committee (KNPB) led by Agus Kossay, with the emphasis on the issue of economic, social and political inequality in Papua.

They always try to convince the international community that there has been a misery that befell the indigenous Papuans and direct the issue of the existence of modern colonialism carried out by the Government of Indonesia. They always prioritized the issue of colonialism in Papua, the issue of the annexation of Indonesian power carried out by Sukarno through the Tri Komando Rakyat (Trikora), the political issue of fighting indigenous Papuans, and the issue of colonialism through assimilization politics (Indonesianization) by making the Papuan people as Indonesian colonies .

But the fact is, there are still armed separatist groups in Papua, such as one incident in Nduga, hostage taking of citizens in Timika, armed clashes which resulted in the death of security forces in Papua, riots in Wamena to their existence in social media that sought to internationalize the Papua issue, is serious evidence of the root causes of problems in Papua is in separatist groups who basically want to make the situation in Papua not conducive.

This separatist group wants independence through a secessionist movement, separate from unity, or sovereign state entities, based on the spirit of nationalism, religion and the group from which they came. And the target is to provide threats to people outside the group and of course the government in power with the aim that separatist groups get the right of separation from an area or even the State.

This condition is apparently played by Papuan separatists to get sympathetic Papuans, who basically do not wish to separate themselves from the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia. Therefore, we need to be careful in accepting all forms of information about Papua, especially if the information comes from groups who want Papuan independence, because the narratives they make are only provocative narratives that will harm us as Indonesian people.

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