Religious Harmony in West Papua is the Highest in Indonesia

Religious Harmony in West Papua is the Highest in Indonesia

West Papua has a higher level of religious harmony than the capital city of Jakarta, even the highest in Indonesia. And the riots that occurred some time ago in the Papua region were considered not to reflect the relationship of religious harmony there.

In a recent study released by the Center for Religious Guidance for Religious Guidance and Religious Services at the Indonesian Ministry of Religion Research and Development Agency this week, the religious harmony index in West Papua has a score of 82.1 - from a maximum value of 100 - which is very high.

The value of West Papua is in fact the highest in Indonesia, followed by East Nusa Tenggara (81.1) and Bali (80.1). Papua Province ranks 6th with a score of 79 below Maluku (79.4). The capital city of Jakarta is in the 8th lowest index of religious harmony in Indonesia with a score of 71.3 along with Aceh (60.2), which is in the last position, Banten (68.9) and West Java (68.5).

The survey of 13,600 respondents in 34 provinces of Indonesia measured the variables of tolerance, equality and cooperation among adherents of religion. The equality variable for example, one of which means that every citizen has the same rights as a regional head or has the right to express confidence in the public sphere in the province.

The high level of religious harmony in eastern Indonesia is influenced by several factors. One of the most important is social capital. "There is trust in social capital, there are norms regarding neighboring life, that is different." said Muhammad Adlin Sila, Head of the Survey Team.

Adlin added, in Papua interactions with immigrants of different religions have long existed. In addition, minority sentiments also influence. Although Christians in the Papua region are in the majority, nationally they are still in the minority.

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