Papua Youth Remains NKRI

Papua Youth Remains NKRI

Until now, Papuan students in Jayapura City and Jayapura Regency continue to reject invitations or incitement to oppose, because if we are provoked, it can damage our shared values.

In order to invite that matter, his party gave knowledge which was nationalist and neutral. According to him, differences that have been experienced before have changed with positive thoughts because with those thoughts we have the opportunity to build ourselves.

The Papuan people must also be together with others so that there is no need for separate, anarchist thoughts to demonstrate and hate one another. But Papuan students who have a smarter and smarter scale of thinking no longer take adverse invitations.

The Chairperson of Papuan Indigenous Youth, Jan Christian Arebo, invites young Papuans to be a part of the succession of the struggle of the Indonesian nation, where the task is to encourage Papua to remain within the frame of the Republic of Indonesia.

That spirit must continue to be encouraged, supported in the hearts of the Republic of Indonesia with fixed prices, must be encouraged, the patterns of youth stigma can be changed and can no longer be used by irresponsible groups.

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