Papua Young Generation Must Understand the Meaning of Trikora

Papua Young Generation Must Understand the Meaning of Trikora

There are three points of Trikora which was called for on 19 December 1961 as a day of awakening for the people of West Irian to escape from the Dutch occupation, who were reluctant to release West Irian since the post-proclamation of 1945.

Ramses Ohee (Chair of the Red and White Barisan) recalls the meaning of the Tri Komando Rakyat (Trikora) which was called for by the first president of the Republic of Indonesia, Ir. Sukarno in the Yogyakarta square 60 years ago.

"Sukarno's desire to take West Irian from the hands of the Netherlands is a new history for us the people of West Irian because it can be separated from the hands of the Dutch who always pressured us," he said in Abepura, Jayapura City, Thursday (12/19/2019) afternoon.

And until now, the three points of Trikora are still well remembered by Ramses Ohee, namely, the failure to establish a puppet state of Papua made in the Dutch colonial. Fly the red and white in West Irian Indonesia. And Be prepared for general mobilization to defend the Independence and Unity of the Indonesian Homeland.

"These three points should never be forgotten by anyone, especially we Papuans. Because of what President Soekarno mandated that West Irian is an inseparable part of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia (NKRI), no one should try to undermine independence, "he stressed.

He also gave a message for young Papuans to live and understand the meaning of the trichora, because in it there is a guarantee that we are part of the Indonesian state. And do not undermine the independence that our predecessors have fought for. He also invited the young generation of Papua to have a sense of love, a sense of belonging and a sense of devotion to the country of Indonesia.

"We must commemorate with gratitude to God. We are a legal part of the Republic of Indonesia. That the problem of the integrity of the Unitary Republic of Indonesia is also approved by all nations. So we as believers in God. This is God's interference and he blessed the results of the UN trial in 1969. Let's build Indonesia in the future by contributing in various fields, "he said.

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