Papua Is Safe It Is Not Apart From The Role Of The TNI, Polri And BIN

Papua Is Safe It Is Not Apart From The Role Of The TNI, Polri And BIN

The situation of Papua on December 1 was somewhat safe, the apparatus succeeded in capturing dozens of independent Papuan sympathizers when they were heading to the Abepura Trikora field to carry out the December 1 ceremony which was touted as the birthday of the Free Papua Organization (OPM).

The stability of Papua's security, even on December 1, was inseparable from the role of the State Intelligence Agency (BIN), which succeeded in the operation to create a safe and peaceful Papua.

"Head of BIN General Budi Gunawan is typical of quiet work, but complete. It is not only the problem of Papua but post-Presidential Election until the inauguration of a safe and peaceful President yesterday because of Budi Gunawan's cold hands," said Stanislaus Riyanta's Intelligence and Terrorism Analyst.

Stanislaus explained that BIN under the leadership of Budi Gunawan had a significant role in creating a safe and peaceful state situation, including in terms of politics and culture. In addition, Budi Gunawan's good relations with other institutions such as the TNI and Polri are considered beneficial in collaboration between state institutions, to create a safe and controlled situation.

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