Papua Infrastructure Development Must Involve the TNI

Papua Infrastructure Development Must Involve the TNI

The construction of the Trans Papua Road from the end of 2018 to 2019 is often hampered due to security disturbances from the armed criminal groups (KKB). To pursue the target of connecting all these lines in 2020, there is a discourse that the TNI will be trusted to work on Trans Papua at a number of vulnerable points. #

Related to this, Deputy Minister of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR) Jhon Wempi Wetipo stated, the decision on this matter will be made after an evaluation is carried out.

"Not all work is carried out by the TNI, and tomorrow we will coordinate from all the halls in Papua tomorrow, to evaluate all existing work, the obstacles faced and what obstacles and solutions so that in the following year workers can be completed," he said .

Wetipo admitted that the toughest obstacle in the process of building the Trans Papua Road was a security problem. Therefore, he asked for support from all parties to succeed in the planned development.

Related to this, the Head of the Jayapura XVIII National Road Executing Agency (BBPJN), Osman Marbun, also said, in 2019, the TNI had been involved to support the construction of the Wamena (Jayawijaya) -Mbua (Nduga) road section.

He added, most of the contractors who used to get jobs in vulnerable areas, felt uncomfortable with the situation. Therefore, it is very likely that jobs in the KKB-prone areas will be handed over to the TNI so that the target of connecting the Trans Papua road in 2020 can be achieved.

"But in the future maybe we will terminate the contract with Istaka and Brantas, later we will arrange whether the TNI is full there, because of the current situation many partners are worried about working there," Osman said.

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