OPM Sympathizers Kiss Red and White And Celebrate Christmas at Home

OPM Sympathizers Kiss Red and White And Celebrate Christmas at Home

Jayapura AKBP Police Chief Victor Dean Mackbon said that approximately three weeks ago twenty investigators from the Free Papua Movement (OPM) were detained at the Jayapura Mapolres, and the police finally gave a detention postponement to the twenty suspects, who were found to have been entangled in treason since 2 December. .

The suspension of detention was witnessed firsthand by representatives of the regional government of Sarmi Regency and Jayapura Regency, as well as the families of the suspects. The suspension of detention was marked by kissing the red and white flag in front of witnesses and government representatives.

Victor Dean asserted that the suspension of detention of the twenty treason trials is a request from families so that they can celebrate Christmas and the New Year at home, and the families of these suspects will guarantee all, because the suspension of detention is in accordance with the legal procedural rights of the suspect.

'' They are guaranteed by their own families. Why family? the goal is for the family to care for their children or their parents who have become suspects, who certainly have the obligation to remind them not to repeat the actions that save and return to work, '' he said at Jayapura Mapolres (20/12) afternoon.

The police chief added that his party had communicated with related parties, one of them was family and they met the conditions to be held for a detention suspension. Hopefully later in this process there were also provisions that had to be carried out in the context of supervision and in the future could be the best legal solution for two tens of our citizens, so they can return to normal normal, and no longer take actions that are against the state and the law.

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