No Victims Died After the Riots in Yahukimo

No Victims Died After the Riots in Yahukimo

As reported in the media SUARAPAPUA.COM on Friday, December 20, 2019 yesterday, with the title 'In Yahukimo Two Residents Shot, One Man Shot Dead by Police' was misinformed, because in the incident no residents were shot and died, all three victims it only suffered a gunshot wound.

The three residents who suffered gunshot wounds were Fitrik Nespan, Lefinus Saram and one girl after school who happened to be passing by. The family of the shooting victims from the Kosarek District Yafet Saram apologized for giving the wrong information, he later clarified that in fact no casualties had died.

'' Sorry I gave the wrong report yesterday. "I gave two people yesterday, but three of them were true and no one died, but all three were seriously injured," he said.

From the monitoring of SUARAPAPUA.COM which is in the Dekai area general hospital. BKO Brimob members and Yahukimo Regional Police are still guarding the ER Dekai Yahukimo. This news is at once a clarification of the previous news which informs that one person died after being shot on behalf of the Nepsan FItrik. And the editor of SUARAPAPUA.COM apologizes for this mistake.

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