KKB Attack Kills Two TNI Members

KKB Attack Kills Two TNI Members

There was another armed clash between TNI-Polri joint forces in Sugapa District, Intan Jaya Regency, Papua, on Tuesday (12/17/2019), due to the contact, two TNI soldiers were killed.

Head of the Indonesian Military Research Center, Col. Sus Taibur Rahman, mentioned two TNI soldiers who were killed, First Lieutenant, Erizal Zuhri Sidabutar and Serda Rizky. "At present the two bodies are in the process of evacuation," he said.

The chronology is that KKSB suddenly attacked TNI-Polri troops who carried out social services in order to welcome Christmas and New Year on Tuesday, 17 December 2019 at 15.30 CEST at Kp. Kulapa, Hitadipa District, Kab. Intan Jaya.

When the TNI and Polri were carrying out Social Service activities (Baksos) in the context of welcoming Christmas and New Year, they were suddenly attacked by the KKSB indicated by the group leader of Talenggeng Lekagak.

The attack occurred when a number of TNI-Polri members and the community were transporting logistics from the Helly Pad position to the Kulapa Village where the Social Service was being held.

About 150 meters from the edge of the village, suddenly received a surprise attack from an unexpected direction by the KKSB with a strength of about 10 people mixed weapons.

As a result of the attack, 2 TNI soldiers were killed. Until this report was received the victim was still at the scene, the severity of the terrain, weather conditions and the lack of information facilities so that victims could not be evacuated.

He explained, the two TNI soldiers were killed while carrying out their duties in ensuring the security of Papuans. After that real contact, he continued, the TNI-Polri Vacuum Task Force continued to chase after catching KKBs who had fled into the forest and ensured the security of the community ahead of the Christmas celebration.

Papua Regional Police Chief Inspector General Paulus Waterpauw said the KKBs involved in armed clashes were groups of Lengagak Telenggen leaders who were previously based in Lanny Jaya. At present, he said, the personnel of the TNI-Polri Joint are still trying to catch up to the group.

"The police chief checked Sugapa's condition to be safe. There are indications that the Lengagak Telenggen group was approximately 3-4 hours out, its position is rather far, so we have difficulty getting in contact," he said.

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