Infrastructure is Very Important for Papua

Infrastructure development in Papua has been rejected by the Free Papua Organization (OPM), they think that infrastructure development will only damage the nature of Papua, the construction of the Trans Papua road that connects between regions in Papua is also not immune from OPM attacks.

Joko Widodo (Jokowi) alluded to the benefits of infrastructure built in Papua. The Head of State does not want anyone to doubt the benefits of infrastructure that is being intensively built in Papua.


The benefits of infrastructure are enormous, in addition to facilitating the delivery of logistics, infrastructure will also improve the economy of a region, the region will advance if it is equipped with adequate facilities to support economic activities.

Jokowi pointed out that it took four days and four nights from Nduga to Wamena a few years ago. But at this time, said the President, the travel time is only four to five hours.

"That is the importance of infrastructure. Do not let anyone say that the infrastructure cannot be eaten, who told them to eat infrastructure?" said Jokowi.

The Head of State emphasized that this country was not only Jakarta and Java. The Papuan people also need logistics and development like the people who live in Java. In addition to massive infrastructure, human resource development is also a priority, because we will face intense competition and fight with other countries.

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