Hendropriyono Asks Prabowo to Help Resolve Problems in Papua

Hendropriyono Asks Prabowo to Help Resolve Problems in Papua

Seeing the unfinished condition of Papua, Former Head of the State Intelligence Agency (BIN) Hendropriyono called on all levels of government to participate in solving the case of the Free Papua Organization (OPM). Hendro stressed that the completion of the OPM must be pursued through international diplomacy, and not just forest guerrillas.

"It needs the role of the Minister of Defense, the Coordinating Minister for Politics and Security, and all of them participating in solving this problem. Because the OPM has long been engaged at the level of politics and international diplomacy," said Hendropriyono, Thursday (12/26/2019).

The Chairman of the PKPI Honorary Board considered that the OPM was no longer an armed criminal group, but had been categorized as a rebel. Therefore, synergy is needed from all levels of government to solve all these problems.

"This is already in a state, in my opinion, critical. I saw yesterday the news in the Australian media that the news was repeated about Papua, about the Papua case, which really provoked," Hendropriyono said.

Hendropriyono hoped that the Defense Minister, the Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs and all relevant staff would take steps. Moreover, he heard intelligence information that there would be an attack on Freeport Indonesia, if this happened, he said we would be at the point of no return and we would lose.

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