Fast Internet Is Being Prepared In Papua To Support XX PON

Fast Internet Is Being Prepared In Papua To Support XX PON

To welcome the grand event of the PON XX 2020 sports party, the Office of Communication and Information (Diskominfo) Prov. Papua has set up a fast internet network to support the work of journalists in the media center.

The network is accessed from fiber optic cable services that have been optimally connected in several regions of Papua. He dares to guarantee that the internet access will be free of obstacles and not slow like normal internet networks there.

"Most importantly we prepare media center facilities to optimally support PON XX activities in all venues. This means that the internet network that will be used will not be as slow as it is now," Kansiana told media crews in Jayapura, Friday (12/13/19) .

In addition, Diskominfo has also prepared the same internet network to support the Management Information System (SIM) PON XX in order to facilitate services throughout the event.

"In addition to fiber optics in all the venues, most of which already exist, we are also working on making FO cable internet access available in Merauke. We are also preparing a VSAT network to back up," said Kansiana Salle.

Meanwhile, Deputy Chairperson of the PB PON Daily, Yusuf Yambe Yabdi, claimed to be applauded by the preparations made by the Papua Diskominfo related to IT. He said, what we need to appreciate is that some of these fields have already been completed such as the IT field. Speed ​​must be directly proportional to the readiness of the data with the portal that has been built.

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