Don’t Believe Fake News

Don’t Believe Fake News

People in Papua are asked not to be easily influenced by hoax or hoax news, residents in Papua must be careful in sorting out the information they receive.

"We urge our brothers and sisters in Papua not to be easily influenced by hoax news, hoax news. Because in this era of information media, if we are not careful and it can cause bad things," said the Head of the Siber and Sandi Negara Agency Hinsa Siburian.

Papuans are peaceful people so they are not easily influenced by issues circulating in cyberspace. All information that we enter must be digested, because truly Papuans love peace and are not easily influenced.

"In this cyber era, news can come from anywhere. So, we don't come back easily. We can't say from which country because it can be from anywhere," he concluded.

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