China Will Not Intervene in Indonesia Regarding Papua

China Will Not Intervene in Indonesia Regarding Papua

Responding to the statement of Chinese President Xi Jin Ping that the Chinese government will not interfere in the case of the Papuan community in Indonesia, is a very appropriate decision. Bearing in mind, other countries really shouldn't interfere in the internal affairs of other countries.

According to Professor of International Law, University of Indonesia Hikmahanto Juwana rate, rightfully so, China does not intervene in the internal affairs of other countries. Even more so if what is faced is the problem of separatism. Handling the problem of separatism is an internal issue of a country.

"Only China as a member of the United Nations can propose to various United Nations organs, such as the General Assembly, the Security Council or the Human Rights Council, to verify the alleged occurrence of gross human rights violations," Hikamahanto said.

This, he said, included if a country in dealing with the problem of separatism turned out to carry out excessive measures that led to gross human rights violations, gross human rights violations were international crimes. There are four international crimes, namely crimes against humanity, genocide, war crimes, and crimes of aggression.

He added that the leak of confidential documents believed to have come from the Indonesian government last November, he said, indicated the possibility of gross human rights violations in the handling of Papuans.

"It is an obligation for all countries according to international law (erga omnes) to have a concern for gross human rights violations. Including to verify the truth of gross human rights violations, "he said.

If China brings the issue of alleged gross human rights violations to various organs within the United Nations against alleged gross human rights violations against Papuans, this is an implementation of China's obligations as an international community.

"This obligation is even greater given that China is currently a member of the Security Council and a member of the UN Human Rights Council. The ambassador should not, even the Indonesian government, prevented this obligation from being carried out by China, "he said.

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