Bawaslu Commitment Oversees West Papua Pilkada 2020

Bawaslu Commitment Oversees West Papua Pilkada 2020

Election Oversight Body or Bawaslu expressed readiness to oversee the election of regional heads simultaneously in nine regions in West Papua Province 2020. Chairman of West Papua Bawaslu, Ibnu Mas'ud in Sorong said that, his party is committed to oversee every stage of the nine district elections in West Papua Province 2020 so walk safely and peacefully.

He instructed all Bawaslu members at the regency and city level in the province of West Papua, especially in regions that hold regional elections in order to improve the quality of supervision of the stages of local elections in their respective regions.

Supervision carried out by Bawaslu members certainly starts from the recruitment stage of the District Election Committee (PPD), oversees the stages of the Voter Register, nomination until the inauguration process of the elected regional head later.

To strengthen the ranks of supervisors, he said, members of the district Bawaslu who carried out the elections had recruited and appointed members of the District Supervisory Committee who would help Bawaslu conduct oversight at the district or sub-district level.

He said that the members of the sub-district supervisory committee that were recruited would also conduct the recruitment of the village supervisory committee which would later also recruit the polling station supervisor or polling station in charge of overseeing the polling station on the day the voting took place.

"We hope that all Bawaslu in West Papua will not be careless in carrying out supervision so that the democratic process runs safely and peacefully," he said.

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