Why I Am a Papuan Not Supporting OPM (ULMWP)

"I am just a Papuan student who wants to succeed and rebuild the land of birth, the Land of Papua that I always missed, and only by writing I speak the Truth"

Alfredo Kway

ALFREDO KWAY: Why I Am a Papuan Not Supporting OPM (ULMWP)
Alfredo Kway is a native Papuan student. He expressed his anxiety over the actions of OPM (United Liberation Movement for West Papua/ULMWP) in Papua. Some of the expressions of his heart he conveyed on the Kompasiana page.

Yesterday, when I arrived on campus to guide my thesis writing, one of my friends that I know often reads my writing (because I often share it on my social media) asking me "Friend, you're Papuan, why don't you support OPM? Are they not your brothers? "

I was silent for a moment hearing this question. Such an interesting question, not only from my friend to me, but from me to myself.
I did not answer this question with a sentence like the answer of a true nationalist, I am only a student who came from Papua and wanted to succeed and rebuild his native land, the Land of Papua that I always missed.

My views are mostly not in line with the views of my brothers, OPM sympathizers are based on what I see, what I know, what I hear and what I feel. Therefore, I answered my friend's question with several reasons that I felt so far.
There are several reasons why I, as a native of Papua, cannot be in line with the views of the OPM and its sympathizers, who incidentally are my brothers one tribe and one Papua:

First, I personally along with most of the people of Papua really miss and want peace in Papua, yes, I really want a peaceful Papua, but in fact OPM members or sympathizers always oppose efforts towards peaceful Papua, even as if they have never create peace in the Land of Papua.

I once wrote that throughout 2017 to 2018, every month there was always a firefight between the OPM, which is often referred to as the Armed Separatist Criminal Group (KKSB) with the security forces.

The attacks were carried out by various groups with different leaders. When one of the OPM groups starts caring and aware of peace in Papua, he will be blasphemed by the OPM as an accomplice of the Republic of Indonesia.

For example, in January 2014, when Lambert Pekikir, one of the leaders of the OPM group in Keerom tried to maintain peace in his own village, Keerom, by declaring the "Declaration of Peace Keerom". Lambert Pekikir, one of the most senior OPM leaders who had lived in the forest for years, was completely blasphemed.

The funny thing is that those who blaspheme Labert Pekikir are KNPB, young OPM sympathizers who live in urban areas and OPM figures abroad, who have a comfortable life in their respective countries.

Then from 2017 to 2018, the entire world universe would know about the cruelty of the KKSB OPM who took hostage, raped, burned and even killed residents in Banti Timika, their cruelty seemed to forget the identity of Papuans who love peace and love to spread love.

This was also the case in Nduga recently, where the OPM had brutally slaughtered 31 Trans Papua bridge workers, some of which have not yet been found where their bodies were, very sad to hear.

Second, the people of Papua need many things, Papuan children need proper education, young people need opportunities to work, their mothers need a decent place to sell and men need opportunities to earn a decent living to support their families.

Papua needs these things to develop Papua from being left behind. And guess what, OPM members and sympathizers never helped the people of Papua to get their needs.

If you have been to Jayapura, Merauke, Biak or other cities in Papua, it will be seen that Papua is not a backward area, Papua is not much different from cities in Java or other regions, or even Papua is more advanced.

But if you try to go deeper, especially to areas that are the headquarters of the OPM KKSB group in the interior of Papua, it will look the opposite.
Development certainly requires security stability, with the existence of the KKSB group in an area it means it is hampering development in that area, because they consciously oppose development in the land of Papua.

Some parties say that the people of the interior of Papua need good transportation capital to advance their welfare, but when access roads have been built, bridges are built but are always disturbed by this separatist group.

In my opinion, to advance prosperity and increase development in the area, this OPM group may not be in the area because it will interfere with the course of development awaited by the community.

Third, about OPM figures abroad. To be honest, I have many disappointments with OPM figures abroad.

These figures often let the Papuan conflict abroad but never explain the existence of OPM / KKSB groups as one of the actors in the Papua conflict, they indirectly provoke a tribal war that is detrimental to the Papuans themselves.

Their lifestyle is not indifferent to the misery of the people of Papua in Papua. Whether intentionally or not, they often post photos that illustrate the comfort and luxury of their lives abroad. Even though they claim to be busy fighting for the fate of the Papuan people in the international world.

These foreign Papuan leaders tend to "fight" only for the sake of their group, or more to the political side so that they too are busy blaspheming figures from other groups.

Regarding blasphemy, the case that I remember most was when Benny Wenda's group, a spokesman for the ULMWP (Unites Liberation Movement Of West Papua), blasphemed Jacob Rumbiak, one of the ULMWP commissioners. Whether Benny Wenda's blasphemy is true or not to Jacob Rumbiak, the inscription containing the blasphemy is not suitable to be posted in cyberspace.

The things I mentioned above make me, a native Papuan child unable to support the "struggle" of the OPM. It's not like supporting them after what I've seen, listened to, felt and learned. I said to my friend who listened to my long explanation.

One more thing I add, regarding infrastructure development, Development in Papua is not only to be enjoyed in the present, but in the long term or for the future, for the sake of our grandchildren in Papua so that in the future they will no longer feel distress in any case. (AK)

* Excerpted from KOMPASIANA.

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