Mayor of Sorong: Issue 1 December Old Song

Sorong Mayor Lambert Jitmau spoke up. Lambert said that the information that anarchist action would be taken by a group of people on 1 December was only false information. "It's an old song, residents don't need to worry and be afraid. The information is not true, Sorong City is safe, "he said when met on the Mayor's Office page, Tuesday (11/26).

The number one person in Sorong City appealed to all levels of society in the Sorong City area to remain calm and not be provoked by issues or incorrect information. According to him, the situation in Sorong City is safe and no further action will occur.
"I urge all city residents in Sorong, to carry out their respective activities as usual. That information cannot be accounted for, the city of Sorong remains safe. "The people do not need to be worried and afraid, because here many TNI and Polri officers are tasked with maintaining security twenty-four hours once," he said.
Previously, rumors were circulating that unsettled residents, including in Sorong City, West Papua. Related to the action that will be carried out by a group of people on 1 December 2019. With the circulation of this news, residents of the City of Sorong lately are feeling anxious and frightened, especially the street vendors who sell by the side of the road.

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